Worthy of reading…get informed

I want to be informed.  Well informed actually. I want to know what is going on in the world, I want the most unbiased perspective I can get, and unfortunately I don’t have the time to sit down sift through papers, magazines, tv and online to find it.  I think that venture would take a lifetime.

THE WEEK is the most incredible magazine you’ve probably never heard of, which, in their words “analyzes and curates thousands of media sources from around the globe, distilling a worldy and balanced, concise view of the issues that matter most. THE WEEK’s voice is multi-perspective and neutral in tone, giving readers all the facts and shades of opinion to let them make up their own minds. More than the news, more than one opinion, THE WEEK acts as an impartial observer of events and their ramifications.”

This publication could not be more worthy of reading.


Worthy of hanging: paintings by Kiki & Polly

I found Kiki and Polly on Etsy when I was looking to find inexpensive art to decorate my girls’ bedroom at the lake. I happened upon them in a moment of sheer luck, since searching on Etsy is like searching into the black hole of time.

Their prints are beautiful, etherial, charming and nostalgic. I love to picture my girls in them. They are perfect for gallery-style displays or individual pieces. Some of my favorites are:



worthy of wearing: thug life t-shirts

These hilarious t shirts are as funny as they are form fitting. I just purchased and am wearing this one today. Click on the image to purchase.


worthy of drizzling…Villa Manodori

Everyone has a story about going to Italy and tasting a balsamic vinegar that was like syrup. Well, here is it, in America, in a bottle. It’s $$$, but well worth it. Click here to purchase.


worthy of gifting…

After many-a weddings, births, anniversaries, birthdays, and house-warmings, I’ve finally found my groove with what I feel are the perfect gifts for each special occasion. And if you are really stumped, there is a gift-shopping service named Amesalu that is probably worth checking out!

For the new baby: Barefoot Dreams “Nap-To-Go” plush pillow and blanket.

For the mother of the new baby: Personalized jewelry from Jennifer Meyer, or this from Maya Brenner Designs for a less expensive option

For the new couple: Anything from Didriks in Cambridge

For the new Boston homeowners: A classic. The Shreeve, Crump and Low Gurgling Cod pitcher

For your host for the weekend: The Simon Pearce crackle glaze Belmont pitcher accompanied by anything else that they sell (I personally like some seasonal napkins and serving wear… its nice for your host to be able to freshen up her table setting every now and again!)

Wine for your dinner host: A never-fail is any red by Stags Leap with my personal favorite either being their Petit Syrah or Cab

For the health-nut or master chef in your life: The Vitamix Blender. Mix cocktails and/or protein smoothies. Puree your child’s organic produce, or replicate a soup from the New England Soup Factory. This thing does it all brilliantly!

For the person who has it all:  Check out Charitybuzz.com to purchase an exclusive experience for the person who has it all – from walk-on roles for your favorite tv shows to tickets to the a meet-and-greet with Sting before VIP tickets to his concert, you can pretty much find anything you want to do in life from music, entertainment, sports, fashion and art to food… and its tax deductible (and for a good cause).